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Since 2009 I have been developing my consciousness by following the courses of Healing Arts (, where traumas and blockages are cleared  out of your Earthly and cosmic lives. This enables you to live from your qualities and passions instead of trying to avoid reliving the old traumas.

The sessions during these courses directly gave me consciousness on the extraterrestrial fields and so I met Zeta Greys and Annunaki. The last years I faced my fears and disbeliefs about them and worked hard to be able to live with them in brotherhood and equality. These intensive processes still take place day and night. Sometimes I have an out of body experience at night, just after I had a breakthrough, like a kind of reward. In these out of body experiences I keep my full consciousness.  I am being pulled out of my body and led to other worlds or to a space ship by extraterrestrials who guide me in these other spheres. At times I can’t see very well in these dimensions, so I make telepathic contact with my guides, and touch them with my hands. Their bodies, arms and hands are not human-like, mostly small, and the hands have sometimes three or six fingers. They often let me fly for a quite a while because I love the flying sensations. These encounters with my star family are always filled with love.

During my half sleep I had contact with a Borendt (a hybrid race born from a Zeta and a human). He told me I had a great part in their genesis. Not only as a human but also in my parallel lives as an Annunaki- geneticist, as well as other terrestrial lives where I am involved in the care of the hybrid children and experiences of abductions. I didn’t have much  consciousness of these insights told by the Borendtman. There was an inner knowing that I have Hybrid children, but not based on an out of body experience. That changed in 2012.

Because my development went very fast, I hardly had time to cope with all the different experiences, so I kept a diary. I described my nightly adventures. Not only with extraterrestrials but also with the ascended Masters and other enlightened or less enlightened beings, that were all intensely engaged in my process. I also described how my nightly adventures influence my day to day life and how my expanding consciousness is connected to the contact with the star beings and the hybrid children.

On February 12th 2012 I had a beautiful experience with my star family. They gave me a message full of love, and that’s the reason I decided to publish my book. Although the information in this book is a bit ‘out of the box’, the reactions of the readers are laudatory. At this moment the book has been translated into English: ‘Celestial Grounding’ is the title. More information will folow. I hope the book and its information will spread all over the world, so that fear and disbelief of the star beings will disappear and our hybrid children gain the right to exist that they deserve on this planet.

Celestial Grounding
This book is the translation of 'Hemels aaarden'. If you are interested in relationships between extra-terrestrials  and hybrid beeings, this book will be very interesting for you.

Hybrid children are children who are created with human genetic material, combined with alien genes. The children are so high in frequency that they are not able to live on earth. They have their home on other dimensional worlds / in spaceships /on parallel Earths.

The genes which are used, are adapted to each other. We as human beings, are not only manifested on earth: at the same time we live our lives on other places/ in other dimensions, to gain life experience.

you, as a parallel self, can walk around on earth and live your life in a spaceship for example at the same time. You are wearing a different coat, playing different roles, but your souls have the same spiritual bond.   

Your children are created by agreements made between you and your soulmates. The parents of these children (you and other selves) are parallel selves.

Encounters between these different selves, release love that is intense and unconditional. Many people, men and women gave their agreement to take part in one or more hybridization programs, having their origin in this love band.

on 18 and 19 June there is a workshop in the Netherlands, dedicated to reconnect to your hybrid children: "The Dreamcatcher". The hybrid children put this workshop together all by themselves. If you want to read more about their plans? For more information: agenda

Time to reunite and hybridize our frequencies! Let us celebrate! We are going to have a big party! All together!



Isabella (march 2015)

Now, I will share the experience about the birth of my hybrid child Isabella. 

On 11-11-2014 someone  placed a follicle of a hybrid child in me during a dream. I was happy, because there was a man in the room next to me. I talked with him before the treatment took place. He supported me from a distance. It was a long extraterrestrial Yahyel man. When I am pregnant with a hybrid child I am mostly aware of it. My body shows pregnancy symptoms. The growing baby is very present in every corner of my consciousness, but it is not a third dimensional child. Never before I met a man nor father of the children I carried. For this pregnancy I had two wishes.

First, I want to know who the father is, so we can both take care of the child.
Second, when I am giving birth, I want to be present and fully aware.

The Yahyel man told me that his genes were used for this child and he would take care of our baby as the father. I was moved by his words. Normally, I always feel a lot of sadness. I am send back home and have to leave the child in the other realms. But now the father was present and I felt his love for this child. I asked him if he would be there when the baby is born.

My guidance had doubts about my wish to be present with awareness. It's not the first time I defended my child and myself during the birth. The other times my consciousness was present, they gave me an injection to sleep.

At the end of January I had a dream. I could fly wherever I wanted. So I tried to escape my dream, by flying higher and higher. I wanted to go to the spaceship where we created the agreements about this pregnancy. This time, I flew against ceilings and roofs. I tried for a long time. At the end I stopped flying and started crying. The agreement to be in the spaceship with full consciousness had failed. After this dream my belly was empty. I was not pregnant anymore.

A Yahyel woman, Xaia, told me, I first had to heal the absence of this baby. After that, they would give me awareness of the birth. The whole experience is out of time and space, and during six weeks they gave me pieces of the puzzle of childbirth in my dreams. I dreamed of a gel to induce the contractions. After two months I dreamed of my friend, Inge kuip, who was giving birth in the spaceship. I was with her. After the birth, Xaia told me: ‘Now it is your turn.’

The next piece of the puzzle was given to me. I was lying in a bed, and I had five contractions. ‘We are going to move you now.’ Xaia said. They brought me to the delivery room. I was very curious, so I said to myself: ‘Be aware of everything! Keep it in mind!’ Instantly I was awake. ‘Why this! I want to experience the birth of my baby!’ I felt asleep again immediately: ‘We had an agreement, you would be there. Have a look!’ Xaia reassured me.

I only saw the backs of the obstetrical team. There was chaos in the delivery room. Through the crowd I could see myself in combat. At the same time I was in birthpain, lying on the table. The team jumped back to evade my kicking legs, they bent forward to comfort me. Suddenly a long man spoke out loud: ‘This is totally irresponsible. You bring yourself and the child in danger. I take the decision. The only correct solution. You're going to get the injection. Now.’

Then I woke up in my bed.

I had one question left. One piece of the puzzle wasn’t shown to me. What had happen, that I changed from a curious, positive person into a destructive machine?
A few days later, the missing piece was handed to me during a session.
During this session I went back to the moment I was in labor. While the contractions became stronger, I asked for the father. I needed him. ‘Where is the father? The father has to be here.’ When he did not appear immediately, I became anxious and angry. ‘I don’t need him anymore.’ I said out loud. But deep inside I still had this great desire for him and panicked because the child was ready to come. There was no father, so it was not safe enough for me to give birth to this child. I began to defend my unborn child and got the injection.

During the session, the awareness came. In my panic I gave two conflicting signals to the father. At first I begged for him, I told him, I needed him. When he didn’t respond immediately  I felt hurt and left alone. To protect myself in this vulnerable situation, I said he was not necessary anymore. Extra-terrestrials don’t understand such behavior.

To rewrite this birth, I put out my hand and asked the father to help me. I asked him this for minutes during the session. Then he came and helped me giving birth to our baby. His daughter. He took her in his hands after the birth. I will never forget that lovely picture in my head. I painted it. Isabella in the hands of her Yahyel father.


12-02-2014: The book 'Celestial Grounding' is ready!

A reader from Wisconsin (USA)

Hi Siqrid, you don't know me- but I had to write you. I am reading your book "Celestial Grounding" and I LOVE it!!! I live in Wisconsin USA and have attended both of the trainings Joanne has had in the US. I'm planning the 3rd one this September in California. Joanne mentioned your book in the last training. My friend Kari was in the Netherlands for a month in May, and I asked if she'd get your book and bring it back, which she did. I started reading it yesterday and am enjoying it immensely!!! I've read 60 pages in the past 2 days. It's an enjoyable read (I laughed out loud at least once), and very informative. I also have been afraid of ET's, so reading this has been helpful so far. I've also enjoyed reading about your experiences, and look forward to more. I don't want to ever finish this book, since I LOVE reading it. (Although I'll probably finish it this week). Thank you SO much for writing it and sharing your experiences!! I had to write and thank you!!! Many blessings to you!! Sheila 

The frontpage of 'Celestial Grounding' 03-02-2014

Close to a party!

At this moment the translation of my book ‘Celestial grounding’ is nearly ready. Within a few days it will be published.  In this book I describe my path of growing consciousness and the encounters I have with extra-terrestrials and other beings. 
The publisher came up with a proposal, to change the front page of the book. A picture of one of my paintings would make even a bigger impression. So I send her a picture of the painting of my little hybrid son Sion. In the book ‘Celestial Grounding’ I describe how I met him for the first time and caressed him in my arms. I found it a good picture for the front page, but my publisher was speaking about another painting of me. An  extra-terrestrial man with pointy ears. He offered me a vaccination to be able to stay for a longer time with them and with my hybrid children. I will describe him in my next book, so the baby felt like my first choice.

That night, the man with the pointy ears suddenly appeared and said to me: ‘Please, use my painting on the front page, I can handle the field. You can’t ask that of such a little boy, can you? He told me as if he was joking, but his message was really serious. Also he said: ‘I am willing to help you’, to bring this book into the world. I merge my energy with your book. Everyone who looks at the front page will feel my energy and I will welcome them.’ That task is a lot to carry for him, I know, and therefore I am so grateful for his offer! He is helping me with all his unconditional love. How beautiful!

I never thought about this; to ask for permission. The paintings are not just a fantasy, these are paintings of real creatures. Their vibration is the same as our emotional and mental body. Everything a human will think or feel when looking at the front page, the man with the pointy ears will feel and hear it as well in his system. No, a little baby like Sion could never handle that! That I didn’t think of that at all!
Within a few days, my book ‘Celestial Grounding’ will be published. Then you can see the new front page and you are welcomed by the most charismatic extra-terrestrial man I know!

I can’t wait till then!


Here is a chapter of my book “Celestial Grounding,” translated by Roger Bindels.

The Baby

I gain more and more control over my out-of-body experiences. During a dream I realize I can walk through walls, jump out of windows or fly away without a second thought. I literally fly out of my dream and drift around for a bit in my own expanded consciousness. There I train myself to use the power of my conscious mind to move myself around within this dimension. Sometimes tranquilly gliding along, other times I run amok with great speed. In this next dimension I don’t see much and have difficulty gaining my bearings, because I don’t know what the correct bearings are. I do not understand what I’m doing. Luckily, I am secured by the ever vigilant extraterrestrial hands as I reach out with my flailing arms for something to hold onto, for something to touch.

This time, I can feel that the hands do not hesitate, instead they are filled with enthusiasm; multiple hands grab mine and let me go again. From small, weak, alien, childlike hands, to large, strong, humanoid, firm hands, all of them want to hold me, just for a moment. I am delighted that so many are with me.

And so I am guided into another world. The hands recede. I land on a surface of dusty, fine sand and then I feel a small tender baby-foot and a baby-hand. I want to see! I have to see! When a small baby is brought into my arms, I’m slowly able to perceive more and more. With my hands I have to support its head, which is a lot larger and in particular much broader than the head of a human baby. Immediately I understand that this is the next step in the chapter ‘Touching the Head’. It is a Borendtbaby, half human, half Zeta. Its body is naked and though it’s finely built, it is not limp or ‘boneless’. Its little neck is thin, however, especially in comparison to its large hairless head. Its face is broad and lacks the typical chubby cheeks of a baby, making it look like a tiny old man. Its eyes are a bit larger and more slanted, with large irises and wide pupils. I kiss it gently; it’s so delicate compared to our own babies.

I have to cry, but hold back the tears, because my physical body lying in bed will also cry and then there is a chance that Fons will wake me. After a while I ask the child telepathically: ‘Where is your mother?’ The child looks around and then finds his mother, a Borendtwoman. She comes over to stand with me and console me. Because I am crying she carefully strokes my back with an uncertain touch. I tell her that it isn’t necessary; the tears are tears of joy. This gesture is so wonderful, so universally binding! Everyone understands the message, whether you are terrestrial or extraterrestrial! I give the child to her and speak with her. I can sense her wisdom, but oddly I also feel a sad loss, which becomes apparent in her somewhat clumsy attitude towards the baby. It’s like she is the caregiver, not the mother.

A while later I awake. Only then, in my supersensitive human body, I can truly ruminate and feel what I have experienced. Again, I am unable to prove it. People will just have to take my word for it. And if they don’t, that’s fine as well. But the woman felt like my daughter, the embryo that was taken away when I was twenty-six, and the child felt like my grandson. Her sadness was that of a mother she had missed. Her wisdom was that she did impose herself on me, when I, her mother, was with her.
It is Sunday morning. The milk boils over and the bread rolls we eat have been baked too long and are too hard. The members of my family know what is going on. Mama has been flying and did not quite land yet. I tell them of the extraterrestrial baby and how overjoyed I was with this gesture, but I do not tell them that it felt like my grandson and that I felt like I had met my own daughter. I couldn’t grasp it mentally, let alone explain it. Nevertheless, I will leave it in this text, because my inner knowledge does not have to convince me. Oh, what a large step towards loving trust has been made on this day, the 12th of February 2012, not only from my end, but from theirs as well! I can feel the abduction of the past fade away.

During the days afterward I notice the impact that this gesture has made on me. I am moved as deeply as with the two Maria apparitions in 2008. Every time, I am touched by this memory and my heart aches from the love I feel. I can feel the universal value. I understand the light-language within this message. I want to do something with this! How shall I convey this to the world?”


The kiss on my forehead 

September 2, 2012 I have had a beautiful moving encounter.
“For a few weeks my ankle and knees are hurting. While I am visiting a friend, she massages my ankle and knees. In the middle of the night, I awake and my hurting limbs are giving their information free. I am longing for direct contact with my starfamily. I am homesick, even though I can feel them often around me, embraced by their love. This night this feeling isn’t enough; tonight I am very homesick and it takes  quite a while before I fall asleep again.

I dream of an attic where a clothesline hung full with babysocks, diapers and onesies. I look at the clothes and suddenly I remember! I hung them myself for my baby! But where is she! I have forgotten to take care for her, to feed and love her! That moment an out of body experience starts, but  I can’t get enough air, because of a wrong position of my tongue. I make myself awake, lay my head well down and immediately the out of body experience starts again. I am fully awake and hold my eyes closed, the third dimension is so nearby! When I open my eyes I will be back in my body again.

There is a feeling of flying, as if my bed is an flying carpet. I stretch my hand, longing for contact, but there is no answer of an extra terrestrial hand that takes mine. Disappointed I put my hand back under the blanket. Then the flying bed lands and a small female hand slides under the blanket reaching for mine. Moved we grab each others hand, crying with joy . Finally we have contact in the same sphere! I sit up. Then she takes my head between her hands and kisses my forehead. I dare not to open my eyes, but I feel her small nose and thin lips pressing on my forehead. This is not a human face! I am very moved by her action and in a flash I embrace her. She falls round my neck. This is such a wonderful moment, to be able to caress my beloved hybrid daughter. I caress her back that is naked, wrinkled and lean and kiss her arm that is round my neck.  After a while, I want to caress her head that’s lying on my shoulder. This way I can explore if her head has an extra terrestrial shape  and if she has hair. Suddenly she is gone and I am back in daily life again. I wasn’t permitted to touch her head. Not yet.
About half an hour I am overfilled with emotions. I see the clothesline with the babyclothes again in front of me. I had an encounter with the baby I had lost. I met my daughter, my lovely hybrid daughter and I feel the importance of this encounter for the rest of my life.”
After two of these encounters, the whole world may laugh at me because of my believe of the existence of   hybrid children. But  they have convinced me. It is my inner truth, a lived truth, and I tell the world that they are very alive and they are longing for their human moms and dads.

At this moment my daughter and I still have contact. She helps me with my out of body experiences. Traveling between the different dimensions is her specialty. She still is a bit insecure about her appearance, with her grey skin and tufts of reddish hair. But I think she is  beautiful! She is a child of two worlds and she shows that with her appearance!

Once I asked her why she had kissed my forehead. Her answer? Well, you gotta start somewhere!


The vaccination  (19 September 2013)

I would like to share an experience with you,  that surprised me and touched me very much. Since a year I have contact with my hybrid daughter now and then, during out of body experiences. She is a young woman, taken away from me after seven weeks of pregnancy. This experience is erased  from my memory and is appearing bit by bit since last year.
A while ago I publiced a little chapter of my book ‘ Hemels aarden’: Tears of joy. There I told about my first encounter with this daughter and her litte son.  From that moment on I have had a desire to be  with her for a longer timebeing in the same dimension, to be able to lovingly touch  and embrase each other.  In the dimension she lives her reality, the present starbeings  are aware of my desire  for more intense contact and my wish to receive more specific  information about all my/the hybrid children.

On November the 19 2012 I had an encounter with my daughter during an out of body experience in the night. In this encounter she expressed her joy  by touching the side of her head three times  intensly  against mine while hugging me. She wanted to say something, but she didn’t as if she wasn’t allowed to speak .
After  that  I was transported to a mothership. I was sitting in a sort of dentistchair, the energy was as in a hospital. Around the chair there were various persons, hybrid beings. Significant was a long charismatic man, with a white skin and a bold big extraterrestrial  skull.  His ears were big and pointy. His eyes were human and widely placed. He shook his head and said; ‘No, you can’t stay, not yet,  there are some steps to be taken before you can stay for a longer while. But then it will be arranged very soon. The first step is a vaccination , for which we need your permission. 
Beside . Beside me on a little table  I saw different kind of needles and the man told me I could help myself. I didn’t listen anymore,  I was startled and shrank back. He told me that when  I wouldn’t give my permission, I could only have contact with them during the short moments  of my out of body experiences.

After a lot of questions I agreed and received the vaccination. The vaccination contained antibody’s against smallpox and the plague, diseases  which were mutated to this dimension where they are present as blueprints. The vaccination I would get, served to prevent these diseases of being manifested on earth  physically through my body and provides a DNA-activation, that makes my body ready for traveling.

After four days the mark of the inoculation appeared  and after ten days the scar of a small pox appeared on my upper arm.

It is difficult to share this experience, because many questions remained unanswered. Nevertheless I am sharing it because  I have the feeling that there will be more mothers and fathers of hybrid children asked for their permission for a vaccination, so that longlasting fysical contact  here on earth, in a neutral  zone or other dimensions will be possible in the nearest future. My twelve years old son with Downsyndrome  and Inge Kuip,  a therapist with consiousness about the hybrid children, also received a vaccination. Did anybody have experiences wih vaccinations given by full consiousness and after personal permission, so we can expand the consiousness of these new information? I hope this information helps you to be not surprises anymore, when the starbeings ask you to be vaccinated.


Anger. (20-10-14)

I feel  an indomitable fury. There is a blind rage in me. I think of March, when the pregnancy of a hybrid child -my son- ended way too soon. I carried this baby with so much joy and love. It was just so nice to be pregnant with this little, high vibrating being.  This ‘mysterious’ baby felt as the truth in all the places of my being, firm and present, except in 3D reality. This pregnancy is terminated seven months ago in another dimension and I have not seen the baby yet.

Where is he? Who is looking after him? When he is too small, may I just look at him? I only want  to know if he is doing well. Spoiled with my out of body experiences I don’t want to make contact with him through meditation. Not ‘skyping’, I want some traveling and real contact! I want to meet him in his real manifestation. It is my right, I am his mother, he is my child!
Telepathically I call: “Do you hear me! Do you hear this mother!”  My guides can hear me, I know, but there is no reaction.  So many months passed by.. I am losing my patience. I am getting more and more furious. I know they can hear everything. I also found out ,that what I manifest with my mindpower, other dimensions experience that in other realms.  I’ll get them!

My consciousness widens to the spaceship where the baby was born. In the cockpit I storm around in blind rage. Screaming: ‘I want to see my baby! Where is he!’ I manifest a wooden chair and smash control panels together. All bleeping and flashing buttons are dead! Present ones diving away. “If I ´m not in control, neither are you!” Bam! A large screen is shattered. Suddenly I am in a long corridor. I kick the walls, manifest a hammer and vandalize the wall, crying and screaming for my baby. This corridor symbolizes my feeling of hopelessness. Then I enter  an empty room with only one chair. An endless waiting room. Exhausted I sink on the chair.

Then Igor (a  grown up Yah Yel man with pointy ears, he is one of my sons) stands next to me. ‘Mom…’, he says. He wants to say more, but keeps quite, because I burst into tears again. He lays his hand on my shoulder carefully.  ‘Mom…’, he never used this word before when he mentioned me , and I am very moved by his action. ‘Igor, I don’t want history to repeat itself with this child. Not again, like it happened with you. I only came to know you after 33 years. That should not happen again, not again. I want to be his mother.’ I am standing in front of him,  taking  his arms carefully in my hands. He has trouble when I touch him, especially when I am so emotional. Then I am back in my living room, the word  ‘mom’ repeating in my head,  receiving  it in my heart.

The rest of the day, I am exhausted and empty. I screamed in the spaceship. In In reality I sat down in my living room, quietly meditating, barely moving. Whether it also has real impact to remodel a spaceship?

Ten to seven the alarm goes off. Fons my husband is on arises, I'll wait until the next signal comes and fall right back asleep. In those extra ten minutes I dream that I'm visiting  a family. I meet  a father, mother, a five-year-old daughter and a very small baby. The father is hugging the baby in his arms. The girl with brown hair, is very proud of her little brother, she is already a little caring mother. The baby is talking with each of us like a nine year old very intelligent boy. He speaks about the mountains, not a very usual theme for a little child, and I look out of the window of the living room to see the mountains he is talking about.  I see beautiful hills with pink and purple clouds. I am on Tara.

I get the little boy in my arms. When I take a good look at the baby, one moment I see a kind of white human being,  the other moment an unnameable small animal. In my dream, my consciousness does everything possible to adjust the images in a particular context. The baby talks to me. I ask the father if all the children can speak so clever when they are so young. He doesn’t understand the question, because it is quite normal. "At the very beginning, you can not make contact so easy ." He says, “but then very quickly, you can understand and talk to each other." So he basically explains how the telepathic communication is established.
The little animal, baby is so cute with his wise words, big wobbly head and flabby limbs. So adorable, this toddler  in my arms. "Hey boy, you do have an IQ of 200, I think." "How old is he?" I ask the parents. I can not estimate his age. A little body of a newborn and the mind of a nine year old. "Can you crawl?" I suggest  and bend down to put it on the ground. Disapproval of the mother on the couch. "It's still very small though," she says. The baby in my hands, makes no attempt to stretch his arms or legs. He slips almost out of my hands.

The radio turns back on. Ten minutes passed and I'm awake. To remodel a spaceship does matter. I met my son in a dream. The man (who felt like my brother),  showed the child  full of joy and gave him in my arms. The mother was reserved. She didn’t feel the need for contact. She had her doubts about my ability and skills to care for this child. And she was right. I can’t do anything with this baby. It is to limp and to smart. How would it be, if I actually might meet or nurture this baby. Thank you mom and dad, for taking on this responsibility. For bringing up my son at Tara. A nicer place is hard to conceive. A more loving place with this family either. I am reassured now and can confidently wait until the next time I´ll have contact.


Natyak and Rein 

During my workshop about the hybrid children, Jolanda van Dalen, one of the participants, gave everyone (13 women) a Lemurian Iris crystal. Her hybrid daughter F(V)ancy had asked her to do that, as a gift from all the children to their moms. She also gave my son Rein (a 12-year-old with Down Syndrome) a crystal. Suddenly another big pink crystal emitted light and Jolanda thought that stone had to be for Rein too.

She asked me to feel. I felt moved, because I immediately had contact with my hybrid daughter Natyak. She is a year older than Rein. When Rein is brought to their spaceship for a healing or lessons (quite often), she takes care of him, plays with him and shows him the right direction in the ship. The team over there helps him to develop more easily.

Natyak loves him very much. Once when I was there, I saw Natyak and Rein walking together in a long corridor. They are the same size, but Rein is twice as wide as Natyak!

Natyak wanted to give the pink crystal to Rein, and Jolanda had received her message. That night the two crystals lay above his bed. The next morning Rein awoke early and picked up the pink stone. I came in and saw him putting the crystal on his forehead, then on his heart.

It was a very special moment for me, to feel the connection and contact between my son and my hybrid daughter. So full of love. Very seriously, he worked with the crystal. Then he put the stone back in its place.
That evening he picked up the pink crystal again and said, “Natyak”!

With love,

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